5 Days in Santorini


Day 1

Get cherished with the Kastro Mansion & Pyrgos

Enjoy a warm and friendly welcome at the Kastro Mansion with a local aperitif and relax by the patio of your apartment overlooking the magnificent caldera of the island.
Have an easy walk through the twisting streets of Pyrgos to discover the instant neighborhood around the mansion and take up the surprising natural views of one of the most picturesque villages of Santorini.
In the evening enjoy the pleasure in a superb wine-tasting session and treat yourself to a Mediterranean dinner at one of the village's restaurants.

Day 2

Sightsee the island and dine with a view

Get started with a breakfast by the main square of Pyrgos and enjoy the island's life with the locals.
Arrange a ''Santorini Photo Safari'' tour, which is a wonderful way to take a drive & walking tour of the island from the one end to the other, see places that you would miss otherwise and hone your photography skills with a professional photographer who will guide you to the hidden gems and teach you how to take the best shots from the island, taking with you memories for a lifetime.
After a relaxing break by your balcony or jacuzzi, enjoy the night with a dinner at one of the neighborhood's prized restaurants.


Day 3

Ramble your way to blissful places

Begin your day with a three-hour leisurely nature walk over the volcanic landscape through the hills and paths of the island, making your way from Pyrgos through Messaria to the picturesque Fira and enjoy the charming atmosphere or arrange for a wine tour of Santorini's impressive vineyards, accompanied by a wine connoisseur who will expose the best cuvees and prize-winning varietes of the exquisite local wine.
For a special experience dinner drive down the winding cobblestone steps to the little port of Ammoudi near Oia for a superb seafood meal, with a marvelous local wine.

Day 4

Discover local culture and set sail for the sunset

During the day explore the island's cultural side with a visit to the Akrotiri excavations. Alternatively spend the day by the Perissa beach and enjoy a local snack at the local tavernas.
Take a semi-private or exclusive sunset cruise around the most interesting parts of the island and enjoy a sumptuous barbecue meal aboard, watching the sun dunk into the Aegean Sea.


Day 5

Travel to a distant past

Explore Santorini's rich history by visiting the Archaeological Museum of Fira, accompanied by a certified guide who will disclose the many mysteries of this ancient island and its successive civilizations over several centuries. Take a walk through the narrow pathways of Fira with its fine boutiques and shopping choices and then relax in a café by the cliffs of the town with an alternative view of the caldera.
Later in the evening taste the best of Mediterranean cuisine at one of Fira's finest Aegean cuisine restaurants and then party in the real island atmosphere.